Arik Sadan Tour Guide

Arik Hendelsman Sadan

Arik/Ara'le - Israeli "SABRA" Born In The Holiday Of Holidays On Christmas Night In Old Jaffa    
We Shared The Same Ancient House With Arab Muslim Family. 
Paratrooper for Many Years (Licensed Gun holder) . Proudly Peace Lover.
Happily Married With Great Family Blessed by God.

Writer / Reporter , Blogger and Photographer.

Professional Private Chauffeur Tour Guide 

Authorized (2776) & Licensed By Ministry Of Tourism & Transport - "ESHKOL"  &  "MIDBARI".
Owner and Run Israelimousine Tours & Transport 

My Lifestyle Heritage Tours / Articles Were Published In Famous Magazines - "HEGE" / "MOTO" / "RECHEV" And Well Known Internet Websites - "AllAboutJerusalem" / "Themarker Cafe" / "Saloona" & More.